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Accounting is a rock-solid career choice. By earning an accounting degree, you can work in almost any business field. And there's never a shortage of jobs for qualified accountants in Australia.

Biology jobs list

Getting a biology degree qualifies you in a fundamental science discipline. To launch a career related to your degree, you'll generally need to do further study in science, health or teaching.

Criminal justice careers

You learn about the criminal justice system by studying criminology and criminal justice. Career opportunities after you graduate are available in security, policing, the courts and social welfare.

Data science guide

Maths and programming ability are key to a successful career in data science. Job options extend well beyond just being a data scientist. You can also be a data analyst, business analyst, machine learning engineer, etc.

Education careers

An education career is often carried out in the classroom – after doing a 4-year education degree or 2-year teaching masters. But Australia offers many other possible teaching careers.

Health careers

Are you interested in healing and/or caring for others? The job opportunities in Australian healthcare are almost endless. The biggest demand is for support professionals, such as nurses and carers.

ICT careers

The information technology / ICT sector is always presenting job opportunities. We explain what IT professionals actually do with the help of a list of the 21 biggest career streams in Australia.

Management jobs

You should consider being a manager. No matter where you work, management jobs exist. After all, someone has to do the planning and organising. Management is associated with higher pay and more personal control.

Marketing careers

Marketing is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional business activity. Whether it's coordination, creative vision or something else, you'll find a marketing career to suit your talents and preferences.

MBA opportunities

Did you know that an MBA is often the preferred qualification for certain job types? The qualification has more than general value. It creates opportunities for jobs such as account executive or business consultant.

Nutritionist careers

It's true that the best opportunities for a nutrition career come from being a dietitian. For that, you essentially need to do an advanced science degree. Alternative career options include food sales and marketing.

Psychology jobs

Job opportunities for psychology graduates are often found outside the psychologist discipline. To get value from your degree, your best prospects could be in teaching, marketing, public relations or community work.

Science careers list

You want to see the in-demand science jobs before committing to a degree. The list of top 10 careers shows the best opportunities are in environmental science, pharmacy and medical lab science.

Lerna Courses

For everything you need to know about online university courses in Australia, see Lerna Courses. In tandem with Mallory Careers, Lerna guides students towards the best education and career choices.