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University of Adelaide Graduate Diploma in Psychology

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The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is a 1.7-year, part-time, 100% online program offered by the University of Adelaide. The program covers the foundational knowledge required to become a registered professional psychologist. The program offers flexible online study schedules and opportunities to connect with teachers and peers. Graduates will have gained skills such as synthesising psychological theories and contemporary knowledge, ethical considerations, and designing psychological research studies.

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What Can I Do With the Qualification?

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By completing a Graduate Diploma in Psychology in Australia, graduates can pursue career opportunities in mental health services, social work, education, and counselling. Some of the potential job titles include Mental Health Support Worker, Youth and Welfare Services Worker, Human Resources Officer, and Community Services and Development Officer.

A postgraduate qualification in psychology is useful in providing psychological insight into work practices and processes, assisting in the recruitment process, maintaining a healthy and safe work environment, and connecting employees dealing with mental health issues to support services. This course is also the first step in the pathway to becoming an Registered Psychologist.