Apprenticeship vs Internship: Difference and Meaning

An apprenticeship is paid work whereas an internship is usually unpaid. Apprentices stay longer, with the expectation of ongoing employment.

Is Being an Accountant Hard?

Studying to be an accountant is harder than majoring in fields like marketing or management. But accounting is easier than some STEM degrees.

Why Forensic Psychology is Interesting and Important

Forensic psychology is an interesting career that combines criminal justice and psychology. Working in this field can be extremely rewarding.

Forensic Pathology Job Description

Forensic pathologists collect samples, do lab work and conduct medical history research to help with investigations of unusual deaths.

Top 10 Uses of Microsoft Excel in Business

Common uses of MS Excel in the workplace include business analysis, managing human resources, performance reporting, operations management.

Why Is Communication Important?

Communicating well helps you form closer relationships, bring cohesion to teams and take on leadership roles.

The “Big 6” Activities in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing activities are what you do to reach potential customers on devices. Almost every activity fits in one of the “big 6” types.

8 Nice Life Benefits from Studying Psychology

We surveyed psychology graduates to find out the lifelong advantages from studying the subject at university. The top 8 benefits were identified.

How to Make Money from Blogging

Making good money from blogging is more difficult than is often portrayed. Professional bloggers are quite rare and have business talents.